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Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story

She found it hard to take her eyes off her, but immediately began to feel uneasy. He was Corrective Rape control now and he wanted her to know it, his hands gripping her Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story and practically lifting Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story off Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story mattress as he increased Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story speed. I mean in all honesty it couldn't really differ School Start Time Research Paper much could it. But the seconds passed and he Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story nothing. Rate And Review Submit review Want to see.

2 strangers at a wedding reception make an unexpected connection. - Reception

Porkchop 's spaceship. Several years after the events of the previous film, the Aliens still say their message of gratefulness to Mr. Potato Head, much to his annoyance. A little later, they join the rest of Andy's toys at Sunnyside Daycare. There, the aliens meet a construction vehicle toy with a claw on it, making the aliens recite their catchphrase "The Claw" and follow the vehicle. When the toys experience a rough playtime with the toddlers in the Caterpillar Room , the aliens are being sat on and bounced on by one toddler, and they end up becoming tangled up in Slinky's coils.

Much later, as the toys make their way toward the garbage chute the only escape route from Sunnyside that Woody has learned from Chatter Telephone , Woody, Bullseye , and the aliens riding on Bullseye are forced to make a detour due to an approaching security truck. As they make a detour, they encounter Big Baby sitting on a swing, watching the night sky. As they sneak past Big Baby, one alien falls off Bullseye, landing with a squeaking sound, which attracts Big Baby's attention. However, at the last moment, Woody, Bullseye and the aliens dive underneath a plastic bucket by the time Big Baby reaches the place where they had been hiding before.

While escaping on top of the dumpster, one of the aliens gets his feet stuck, and as Woody goes back to free the alien, Lotso who has been thrown into the dumpster by Big Baby reaches out and pulls him into the dumpster just as a garbage truck arrives to pour the contents of the dumpster into the truck. The rest of the toys go to help Woody, only to end up inside the truck.

When they are dumped at Tri-County Landfill , the aliens spot the claw and run toward it despite Woody and Mrs. Potato Head yelling at them to come back , but are plowed away by a bulldozer and presumed dead. However, they eventually manage to make their way into the control room, where they operate the claw that rescues the toys, who are about to be incinerated at the last moment. As the aliens approach the Potato Heads , Mrs. Potato Head tells them, "You saved our lives. Potato Head immediately follows by telling them, "And we are eternally grateful," and he gives them a big hug as he finally accepts them as his children. At the end of the film, they are given to Bonnie Anderson, along with the rest of the toys; when Andy shows Bonnie the aliens, he mentions Pizza Planet as the strange alien world where they have come from.

In the end credits, they are seen being juggled by Totoro , to the amusement of their adoptive parents. Later, one of the aliens plays Juliet with Mr. Pricklepants playing Romeo in their rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. They return in Toy Story 4 , although their role is very minor compared to the other films. In the Toy Story films, the Aliens appear to be promotional toys for Pizza Planet , as they wear space uniforms with the restaurant's logo as their emblem.

They are only found as prizes in the rocket ship crane game, which makes them known for their near-worship of " The Claw ". They are also known for being in tune with cosmic forces. All speak in the same voice, are the same gender male , and are implied to be unintelligent and sometimes childish. All LGMs have a telepathic link to one another, which is powered by an object on their homeworld, which is known as the Uni-Mind. The wind in his face, the sun on his cheeks, he is hooked. A few weeks ago, he canceled his gym membership.

The uncertainties around the Delta variant have not encouraged some former group exercisers. Instead Ms. Kim now stays in shape with outdoor distance runs and muscle toning courses on the fitness site, the Sculpt Society. Plus, there is the added convenience of not having to spend time traveling back and forth to the gym, changing into workout clothes and then showering — which can take as much time as the workout itself. Others have found that the sense of community and socializing they found in a fitness club can be easily replicated outside it. Working out in this tight-knit crew, they were able to motivate each other and help keep each other grounded in a difficult time. Santa-Olalla said. That would have never happened in a gym.

I like rowing, I run a lot Me too! I go down to the park almost every evening. We should definitely go running together. We can do that. That and dancing. I've been dancing since I was a kid. Pretty intense. Not that he could avoid it with the way she kept draping herself over his desk. To go with my acting. I'm an actress, really. Working here is just a side thing to keep me going until I get my break. That sounds cool. I do theater here and there. Musicals mainly, because I'm naturally a singer too. I love musicals, don't you? So you're trying to do it professionally? But yeah, that's the plan. I just need the right producer to see me perform, that's really all it takes. I haven't decided yet whether I'd just do Broadway for a while or go straight to film.

It's a tough decision, especially for someone like me who wants to nurture their craft and be taken seriously as an artist, you know? Plus, because I'm trained in so many areas, I wouldn't want to waste my talent on just anything. I guess. She smiled, flicked at her hair and curled her legs up on the chair, subtly revealing her thighs. He tried not to look, concentrating on the window. It probably violates company policy or something. I'm in charge, remember? Besides, I drink in here all the time when I need to work late. Fuck her. That stupid old dyke wouldn't dare challenge me. Don't tell anyone else I said that. Guess the wine is going to my head a little Apparently she wasn't that concerned with pacing herself. I like you a lot. And I'm really happy to be working here.

But you'd need to really prove you want to be here. Do you want to be here, David? What do I need to do to prove it? Let's just loosen up. Jeez, it's always so uptight around here. Let's just do something crazy But she left it lingering there and he didn't try to movie it away. Peering up at him with the most seductive flutter of her eyelids she could manage, she read his attraction to her like a book. Let's stop with the games. Let's do it. I know! Let's do it on Alison's desk! The alcohol really seemed to be having an effect on her now and she wasn't in the mood to play anymore. We could get in trouble. I'm your boss! What I tell you to do Her words trailed off and her eyes half-closed as though she had suddenly forgotten where she was.

She shifted on her feet, halfway to grabbing David by his collars and marching him to the office to have her way with him. But the lights in the office seemed to be getting dimmer and the room was beginning to spin. What I The wine glass fell to the carpet. David stood up and grasped her in his arms as she slumped into unconsciousness. He had to admit to himself that he was somewhat disappointed he had to administer the drug before he'd had the chance to even bone her but those had been the orders.

Still, a free meal and a bag of cash was a decent trade. He dragged her limp frame to down the corridor and back into the elevator, pressing the button for the basement car park, where the van would be waiting. Chapter 2: Welcome to the House Tags: FF, lezdom, humiliation, mind control Madame Prunella Snyde lived in an old Georgian mansion on top of a hill in one of the city's most expensive neighbourhoods. The house sat off the beaten path, meaning most people didn't drive nearby the place unless they were on their way to see her.

Aside to the mansion, Prunella owned a nightclub on the outskirts of the city and a number of other establishments. She was wealthy. She was powerful. She was an enigma. No one knew where she had come from or what her background had been. Certainly, no one knew how she had managed to acquire the estate which used to belong to one of the richest families in the area until the last generation had passed away some years ago. However, no one complained.

Prunella was generous to the local community, often writing checks to help local development efforts, church repairs, school field trips and numerous fundraising drives. But she mostly kept to herself. And not without good reason. Those in her inner circle had an idea how she made her money. In fact all of them were the reasons she continued to enjoy such a lavish lifestyle, paying her a great deal of money for favors and services that only she could provide.

Those people were themselves powerful and so, her influence endured. It was in a corner of the estate on the East Wing that the room was to be found, though it didn't appear on the blue prints. Set underground, the room was practically a bunker, stretching across almost an acre and only accessible through a series of tunnels from the main house. That was where they took their subject. Three weeks was the timeframe they needed but they worked quickly. They had the space to set up everything required, from the lab equipment to the holding chair. The subject was kept mostly in the chair, strapped in tight and kept topped up with the concoctions that would keep her asleep when they needed and in a hazy state of consciousness at other times.

The projector screen in front of the chair flashed continuously with images and words while the audio tape played on loop, Prunella's voice repeating in clipped, authoritative tones. Their subject stared into the screen, not acknowledging anything, just absorbing. Days passed. The levels of responsiveness seemed to match their initial research and encouraging reports came out every evening. Occasionally, Prunella would check in, wanting to observe their techniques and fascinated by the science behind it all, though she only understood bits and pieces. Throughout, the subject seemed to remain in a permanent state of vegetation. Then came the day they told her the procedure was finished and that everything had gone to plan. Now it was just a case of finding out if it worked as well as they hoped.

And Prunella Snyde was happy to be the person in charge of that test. Either way, the law wouldn't touch her. The anticipation was over. The room was dismantled. The money transferred. Silence assured. The world was blurry at first. She didn't know where she was and couldn't remember how she'd got there. The voice wasn't one she recognized. Slowly, the room came into focus as what seemed to be a decadent ballroom ceiling. She tried to move her hands to wipe her eyes but found that she couldn't. Panicking suddenly, she tried to stand and just as before, discovered herself to be immobile. Who's there? Her hands were tied behind her and her ankles were bound together. It didn't take much longer for her to begin to recognize this as being a very bad thing.

What the fuck? It had an English accent and had a breathy, seductive quality to it that oozed confidence. She was middle-aged but slim and attractive. Stephanie could make out blonde hair, dark eyes under sharp arching eyebrows and thick blood red lips. She was wearing a pair of tight-fitting jodhpurs and knee-high riding boots, accompanied by a velvet black riding jacket. What is this? A riding school? What am I doing here?

She tried to move again, pulling hard on her wrists to try to break the silk rope wrapping her hands together. Let me go! What the hell is this?! Lucky you to have been granted such a privilege. Is this a prank? Stephanie tried to think back to where she was before the world had gone fuzzy. She remembered going to work and then dolling herself up for a night out. The restaurant Going back to the office with him and looking out at the city. But then If she was bothered by the threat, the older woman didn't show it.

Stephanie struggled against the bonds again. Was it something the woman had said? Or was her body just exhausted? But you better let me go right fucking now! My dad's a Freemason. He knows powerful people. You messed with the wrong woman! I'm gonna scream the roof down! Stephanie decided. Only she couldn't. She opened her mouth and tried but it was as though something in her had just been switched off. What the hell? What's going on?!

I'm so very pleased. Her age was hard to guess. Her botoxed lips smiled from ear to ear. You are now my slave. You will obey my every order, no matter what. Is that understood? Go fuck yourse Had she really just said that? She wanted to struggle again but her body wasn't responding to anything she wanted to do. Have I been drugged? Is this a dream? That must be it. This must be a really lucid bad dream and I'm going to wake up any second now The girl didn't struggle, remaining still and quiet as before. Once released, the hands remained still and Snyde nodded to herself, impressed by the lack of reaction. Hit her! Stephanie yelled in her mind. Smack this bitch hard and get the hell out of here!

But again, she could do nothing. Weirdly, her arms stayed down and she felt her legs being untied too. In the same way, they seemed paralyzed. The urge to run was overwhelming but for reasons unknown to her, she was helpless to act, as if she was just watching a video image of herself. Now stand up and let me take a look at you. But again, she didn't attack. She didn't run. She stood up slowly and just remained there, peering about the large luxurious room. She felt dizzy. And confused. And scared. Her heart was pounding in her chest. The mysterious woman stared back at her, looking her up and down. Stephanie felt so vulnerable. This isn't real! This is just a bad dream! Where was he? What had happened that night? She felt her hands reach back behind her and unzip the garment.

What are you doing?! Then, unhooking the straps from her shoulders, she let the dress drop to the floor, leaving her standing in nothing but the carefully selected underwear she had chosen that evening. Oh fuck! Why can't I stop myself?! Snyde stood back, admiring Stephanie's body. The sexy lingerie suited her and accentuated her figure. Her breasts were on the small side but were pressed upward by the lace black bra. Her waist was slim and her hips curved out invitingly.

Her skin was just as white and smooth as she had hoped. Delicious prey, Snyde thought to herself. The girl tried to cover herself with her hands, pressing an arm against her chest and an awkward hand between her legs. Keep your hands behind you. She never usually let anyone see her body outside of the bedroom and she couldn't believe her lack of will power allowing such a personal infringement. Her heart beat faster, wondering how far this embarrassment would go. Abruptly, Madame Snyde turned to the door and yelled out. I need you here! The first thing Stephanie thought when she saw the twenty-something year old was that she was beautiful.

Almost too beautiful. With her tanned skin and striking features, she possessed Kardashian-like looks that could have made her a model. Her dark brown hair was immaculately groomed, falling in waves around her neck and shoulders. Her dark chocolate eyes glinted under the light of a chandelier as she strode towards them on a pair of long athletic legs. The second thing Stephanie thought was that, like her, the woman was dressed only in underwear and a pair of stiletto shoes. The expensive looking designer lingerie barely covered her large perfectly round breasts but revealed her hard flat abs and almost everything else.

As she neared them, Stephanie could see her curvy backside, clad in just a thong. She found it hard to take her eyes off her, but immediately began to feel uneasy. I don't like where this is going The raven-haired beauty stopped next to Snyde, put her hands behind her back, set her feet at shoulder-width apart and raised her head up, simply saying "Yes, my queen," in a smooth, well practiced manner.

In fact, unlike Stephanie, Nina's compliance was one of will. She wanted to be here. It was obvious. Once a fresh-faced lawyer working in San Diego, Nina had always been a woman in control. Hard-working and from proud Greek-Italian stock, she had the world at her feet by the time she was twenty four. But something had been missing from her life. A deep void that was always unfilled. She was unexcited by the men she dated or the parties she attended or even the luxurious things she bought every week, from the latest gadgets to the sportiest cars. And in her soul, she knew she needed something else. Whatever it was, Nina had begun to find solace in things she found on the internet, being able to live a different life to the one in her respected and stifled community of snobs and bores.

She stumbled upon porn videos and realized she could get off in seconds by looking at things that involved dominance and submission. The thought of giving herself over to someone was like an awakening, a second birth. She desperately wanted to indulge in this world for real but knew there was no way she could do so without jeopardizing her up-market lifestyle. Soon, it became an obsession and it was all she could think about. Her work began to suffer and her nights were spent fantasizing in front of her laptop. She found herself signing up to live cam sites where she could anonymously interact with other people who had their own fantasies about control.

That was when she found the website of Madame Prunella Snyde and the idea of money dominance. It was one thing to be ordered to do something but quite another to have that person be a woman. Nina wasn't a lesbian and had never entertained those kind of thoughts but the sheer kinkiness of it lit a fire inside her. With trepidation, she input her credit card details. For months, Prunella Snyde appeared on Nina's screen, communicating with her one-to-one and helping her to embrace her fantasies.

Nina began to gift money to the woman whenever she asked for it. And Nina had lots of money to give. She had become a "cash cow" to an older woman and the degrading nature of the exchange gave her many nights of furious masturbatory sessions. It was an entrance into a brand new world. Snyde had been intrigued. Not many women signed up for her online services and soon she managed to order Nina to take the next step, having her email pictures and information about herself.

Every time Nina pushed the envelope a little more, blending the real world with her secret life, she felt elated and utterly horny. It wasn't long before she was sending explicit images to her and having Snyde text her demands for money during the day. Sometimes, she would text her with orders to perform erotic acts, like masturbate in her office or dress provocatively. Nina loved it. And still, she wanted more. Snyde gave her more.

She told the young woman that if she wanted it, plans could be made to accommodate her into her life more deeply than ever. Nina wouldn't have to follow the career she no longer wanted. She wouldn't have to act as if she was interested in dull people or drab events. She wouldn't have to settle down and marry and have kids and pretend to be happy. Madame Prunella Snyde threw Nina a lifeline to be her personal house slave if she was willing to give up everything else. One year after their first video exchange, Nina sold her home and almost all of her possessions in the most liberating day of her life. She cashed in, wired the money to one of Snyde's protected accounts and arrived at the house on the hill without even so much as a suitcase.

All she had was a pledge. A pledge to serve her mistress. And Snyde too agreed to provide everything she needed. Food, shelter, warmth, love Kneeling naked on the floor on her first day, Nina had cried tears of joy. The void was filled. House slave?! You can't be serious! Stephanie's heart stopped. She wanted to protest but Nina simply looked over her half-naked form with mild curiosity and perhaps a hint of resentment. Is that clear? I want you two to get along, so it's probably about time you got used to each other.

Go to her and introduce yourself. Then, she pressed her hands on Stephanie's waist and leaned in, kissing her on the lips. Stephanie began to recoil. Unwilling but unable to stop herself, Stephanie immediately put her own hands on Nina's toned body and closed her eyes, her mouth pressing against Nina's lips. The kiss was wet. After Nina pulled away, Stephanie shivered. Snyde stroked her chin, smiling softly. This can't be real I'm not a fucking dyke. Please get off me. You're to do what I tell you without objection. Nina, why don't you turn around the other way Her bulbous ass was only inches from the redhead's face, which wore an expression of horror at the fact that she was somehow being made to engage in a tryst with another woman.

Now stop teasing each other like a couple of flowering teenagers and start licking each other out. Stephanie felt Nina's breath between her legs and then the sudden wet warmth of her tongue snaking out and pressing against the thin fabric of her panties. She raised her own head and felt herself reach out with her tongue and do the same to the olive skin around the woman's under carriage.

Simultaneously, both women pulled their partner' underwear to the side and began to explore each other's private areas with their mouths. Stephanie's mind recoiled but her body betrayed her, forcing her face into the musky depths of Nina's snatch. Oh my god! I can't believe I'm doing this! This isn't a bad dream! I'm actually fucking doing this! Stephanie's first taste of a woman was curious. Like olive oil and iron. Snyde chuckled as she watched the women submit to her commands, one through the overwhelming need to please and degrade herself, the other through a permeating mind-washing inability to do anything but.

The gorgeous girls sucked and licked on the floor like two starving lionesses. The Madame reached down to her own crotch, feeling herself excited by the spectacle and the thought of what this new slave meant to her grand scheme. She watched for several minutes, fingering herself, working her way to an excitement that made her breathing heavy. Stephanie was breathing heavily too. Shocking her own sensibilities, she was working her tongue inside Nina like someone with experience. As their Sapphic routine went on, the humiliation of her actions seemed to stoke a deep arousal in her. The tingling sensation spread from her loins through her nerve endings and the tips of her fingers and toes.

It was as if the more she thought about what she was doing, the more turned on she was getting and she couldn't understand why. Eventually, Snyde commanded them to stop and ordered Nina off. Stephanie gasped for breath, frowning with pained confusion at what she had just done. My slaves kneel and bow before me if I so much as point to the floor. Nina too knelt on the floor, watching from a few feet away as the Madame tugged her jodhpurs down and revealed her own naked and aroused cunt lips which featured a slightly sagging labia but an otherwise well manicured strip of dark bleached blonde hair. Stephanie's face was just inches away from it and she could feel the heat coming off her.

This is torture! Kiss and lick me to orgasm, slave. Snyde grabbed the back of her head with one hand and leaned back a little, giving the once proud woman more room to debase herself at her feet. Prunella Snyde moaned as she felt the tongue flick her clit and run up and down the length of her thick pussy lips. She then snapped her fingers at Nina, requesting something that Stephanie couldn't hear with the woman's thighs pressed so tightly against her head.

Not that it took her long to discover. Snyde took the cat o' nine tails from her veteran house slave and lengthened out the knotted leather whips with the other hand. For your protests earlier, you're to feel my whip. She flinched and moaned at the strike but didn't stop licking. I hate having to teach the most simple of things. Thank me each time I whip you, you fucking slut! Thank you, my queen! Each time, Stephanie thanked the woman for whipping her. The occasional bite of the knots on her back and ass made her buck each time and the pain, like the humiliation, sent strange signals of pleasure through her body like electric currents. Each time, it spurred her to keep licking and each time she felt her own pussy tingle with an alien need to be touched and rubbed and satisfied.

What's happening to me? Soon, Snyde was rocking her hips with abandon, moaning loudly and forcing Stephanie's face further into her. The young woman could taste the flow of juices seep over her tongue and penetrate her nostrils. She felt disgusted by the orgasm, refusing to believe she had just brought a woman off by orally servicing her against her will. The domme relaxed, taking a step back and hoisting up her pants. Nina, bring the paperwork. Stephanie eyed them with worry.

Deep down, I think you always knew this was waiting for you in some way. And although it will take a very long time to get there, we're going to take it one step at a time. To begin, this is the deed to your apartment and a number of other contracts and forms that will release everything you own to me. Everything, including access to your financial accounts. Stephanie stared down at them. No way would I sign these! Your home has already been cleared out and I have all of your stupid things under lock and key.

So really, this is just a formality. Not anymore, bitch, not in this house. From the edge of the rug, Nina watched, smiling to herself as she remembered her own day of liberation. When she was finished, Stephanie placed the pen down and knelt back on her heels. I'm your slave, mistress. You're my lowly, pathetic, whore slave and you live to please me. Isn't that right? I'm your lowly pathetic whore slave. I live to please you. Then let's get moving. Now crawl! The will to cry hadn't left her but the ability to weep over her predicament was locked inside, much like her own body now in bondage at the whim of a terrifying woman. As Prunella Snyde strutted out of the large lavish room, Stephanie Coy, once so superior and arrogant, scuttled behind her on all fours like a pet animal, stripped to her underwear and on her way to an inevitable world of total enslavement.

Chapter 3: Maid to Serve Tags: FF, lezdom, humiliation, mind control, exhibitionism, masturbation "I just love what you've done with the place, Pru," Alison chirruped, admiring the lavish furnishings and settling onto a chaise longue in Prunella Snyde's study.

I just need the right Elephant Poaching to Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story me perform, that's really all it takes. All that Andrew Carnegie Robber Baron Analysis down the drain. I like em fresh.

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