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Argumentative Essay On Boxing Vs Boxing

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Boxing VS MMA

Gibbons fight, was to bring a fight for the world heavyweight boxing title to town. Being an idol all over the United States made Dempsey an attraction. The fact that his manager, Jack Kearns , and his promoter, Tex Rickard , to whom many refer today as the Don King of his era , were also famous, made city officials even more convinced that a large crowd would visit Shelby for the fight, in hopes of seeing Kearns and Rickard as well as the fight.

Shelby also figured people would be attracted to running into Dempsey in town, or maybe another member of the Big Five , should they make it to Montana to see the fight. There were no television networks so whoever wanted to see the fight live would have to go to Shelby. Officials chose Tommy Gibbons, whose brother Mike was better known as a former world champion, to challenge Dempsey. But Gibbons proved the plan's first failure, as he was unknown except to boxing fans. Gibbons was strong, but not in Dempsey's level. Thinking patriotism would play a part in the promotion, the city chose July 4, the United States' independence day. A large arena was built over a farm. The area is now known as Champion's Field.

Kearns asked Shelby officials to guarantee him and the champion an advance for their traveling costs, as airplanes were available at the time but not safe, and train travel to Montana from the more populated areas of the United States took up to a week it is said that Dempsey and Kearns took a week to get there by train. He also asked for the champion to have a guaranteed purse. So Kearns convinced Shelby to commit money or lose the fight to somewhere else. Gibbons, while not a champion, was a professional and he needed money as well. He reportedly took , dollars to fight Dempsey. Shelby officials, again believing they would be the beneficiaries, agreed to every demand by both boxers and their management and promotional teams.

Area banks were to provide the money to stage the event. Dempsey was received at the train station by thousands of residents, which gave the city officials even more hope that the fight would be a success. The fight was scheduled for the then almost regular distance of 15 rounds. Dempsey was considered an aggressor: He had dropped Jess Willard seven times in the first round before winning the title from Willard by stopping him in round three, retaining the title with knockouts over Bill Brennan and Georges Carpentier , among others.

Because of this, the fight was thought to be a possible action bout, but instead it was quite strategic. Dempsey constantly threw punches to Gibbons' head, with Gibbons trying to attack Dempsey's body. As a consequence, Gibbons was able to duck many of Dempsey's shots. Dempsey's mobility, however, made it hard for Gibbons to punch Dempsey's stomach and ribs. There were some isolated moments of action: Dempsey is said to have had Gibbons hurt in round seven, but he could not score a knockout. Gibbons landed hard punches to Dempsey's chin once in a while, but Dempsey shrugged the punches off. In the end, Dempsey retained the title with a round unanimous decision. The aftermath was worse than the fight for Shelby: a large arena, the size of a football field, had been built.

Since most of Shelby's residents and those of nearby cities could not afford ticket prices set so that the city could come up with the money guaranteed to the participants, only 7, paying fans showed up, making the fight one of the biggest economical disasters in boxing history. An estimated 13, people got to see the fight free. Four banks in Shelby went bankrupt in the months following the fight. Poor communication means […] Read more. The good old English! There are hundreds of these metaphorical constructions, each presenting a head-spinning riddle for non-native speakers.

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