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Chance The Rapper: An Analysis

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What Happened to Chance the Rapper?

Chance the Rapper is a hero for the City of Chicago, and the rest of America, because of his persistent humanitarianism for the well-being of the kids of color currently enrolled in the education system. Chance the Rapper speaking at an elementary school billboard. In Chicago, Chance the Rapper generously started and funds an open-mic event which lets young people express their own creativity. Chance speaks his own opinion on the event: "Whether it's dance, or sing, or rap, or — you know, I've had kids come up and do standup. I had a kid do a fashion show, eat a taco," Chance said. They get a moment. This is an opportunity that not many kids get. As he says so himself, it is transforming for different kids. Chancelor reaches out to people in need to support them when they need it most, during the harsh winters of Chicago.

Chance uses his success to his advantage, and raises money for places like the Chicago Public Library. He raised over , which benefited in free open-mic events which gave young artists the chance to perform with no cost. As he continues to work hard on improving the lives of many, he still works hard as a very successful rapper with popular music. All in all, Chance is constantly having positive effects on his community. His benevolence constantly radiates a positive effect on others, especially the youth. His hard-work is a clear example of what it looks like to be not only generous, but living and doing things with a whole heart. Chicago, the Rappers Hometown socrata. Ever since his successful rap career started, he has been using his success to give back to the youth and the less fortunate.

He has worked hard to make student life better, and for students and advocate equal treatment for students and teachers for color. These words inspire others to become more socially aware of problems in modern day society and act upon them. Chance strives to inspire others, and encourage them to do the right thing. His outreach to his community and his hard work through dedication continue to powerfully improve the lives of others. Chance reached success on his own, and while doing that, he effectively became a local hero to his hometown. CBS News. Accessed 10 May Robinson, Lisa. Essays on Heroism. Watch our short introduction video for more information.

Ilse Bing was known as the queen of the Leica. As the song fades into the more instrumental section, the video changes accordingly. Still at the piano, Chance sees that it starts to snow, and Chance gets up and walks away from the piano and the set. As he walks away, the camera is changed to a modern day HD widescreen camera, and the audience gets to see the set that Chance was on. This is a common trope of music videos, where the audience gets to see things that are usually kept secret, letting the audience know that the video is staged.

As Chance passes through the studio, the audience expects to see crew members operating cameras, clothes lines and lighting. However, the audience is surprised to see that it is all being run by puppets. This shows the audience that Chance is unique to everyone around him. Overall, this music video manages to have unique ideas that are well-presented with a special aesthetic.

When creating my video, I should consider what the aesthetics will be, and how will the audience stay engaged and be surprised. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Chance The Rapper is a Chicago rapper who has achieved monumental success in a few short years, despite never releasing an album, mixtape or song on a label.

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