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An Analysis Of Robbin Hoods Actions

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Strategy Analysis of Robin Hood

Milne, James. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Stories are have been part of every culture, some of those stories teach a way a life, others show how us a way of culture, others show how Kingdoms have been built and just like that destroyed into pieces, but the Legend of Robin Hood is different, not only because it has been around for centuries but because the legend has changed so much over the years, and with that each Robin Hood movie is way different than the last one, mainly because the historic events that were happening during the filming of the movie were strong enough to change the plot of the movie and change certain archetypes.

This is because a film will have greater success if the audience can relate or connect to the plot and the characters in the movie or story. In all of Robin Hood stories he is always around his sidekick Little John, as the historians say the Robin Hood tale was a historic event around years ago. The tale orbits around the relationship of two real life characters, Sir William Neville, the constable of Nottingham castle, and Sir John Clanvowe, a poet. Historians suggest that these two were so close together that they might have been homosexual due the their intense friendship and how much they cared for each other. The soldiers who fought in the year war, including Robin Hood could be considered gay, because they were at war for so many years without any women around them and the bonds that these men created over the years are However, another important lesson is on display, the value and significance of speaking truth to power and authority is shown through courageous and humane actions as well.

These actions can influence others to stand up for what is right and can impact society as a whole. In the novel, the foster father of Liesel Meminger, Hans Hubermann, exhibits courage and humanity. As the actions he displays clearly disagrees with Hitler's point of view. Lastly he want to be a good example to the society showing future generation about equality in the society. Therefore, Harrison is hero to his society because, he stood against knowledge and ignorance.

For Instance, in countless ways harrison impervious to restriction to society place on him. The author mention this to his audience because He tried to inform the society that they have been wearing handicap for unequal. He accepted the society he detested. He risked his life to help others, even though the issue had nothing to do with him.

He shows his courage and bravery. Beowulf shows that he has compassion for others no matter who they are or where they came from. He is selfless when it comes to risking his own life for people he may not know, such as any hero should. When he and Lorraine went to collect Mr. His actions in this section influence the. While a common goal to achieve what is best for the whole is great for a government, it would be near impossible for the hero, or one person, to achieve this. But everyone can be a hero to the people around them and to themselves, and if everyone took care of their needs, and helped their loved ones to do the same. Robin has to consider other strategies to remove the sheriff from office. He also needs an exit strategy. Of course, this opportunity for expansion comes also with a corresponding risk: that of antagonizing other sheriffs and the regent which could turn into a full blown war.

However, he does not need to subsidize other farmers outside of Nottingham. This should be his long term strategy. This is basically increasing the revenue stream while rigidly controlling expenses. Moreover, Robin must use any corresponding revenue surpluses to gain the favor of barons outside his areas of operations. Specifically, Robin must target those provinces that the sheriff has no close alliance with. Finally, Robin should settle outside of Nottingham and set-up legitimate operations in the area of a baron he has allied with. Available Only on StudyHippo.

An Analysis Of Robbin Hoods Actions Document. There will always be a struggle for which anyone can overcome if they cooperate with each other. Organizational structure I. This should be his long An Analysis Of Robbin Hoods Actions strategy.

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