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Warning-jenny Joseph

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Warning by Jenny Joseph (read by Ben W Smith)

Hi, I've been teaching throughout KS2 since and have always received outstanding feedback from Heads and SLTs, inspectors, colleagues and parents. Please have a look at my varied resources, and if you like them, please take a moment to leave me a good review. Thank you! Each one includes a list of activities that children can do based on the poems, all in pairs or small groups. These may be used as a whole class activity or e. Gets children to engage with these three fantastic poems on a deeper level, as well as helping with the Imitation - Innovation - Invention process.

I found it inside a book the other day and thought I would share it, since now I AM that old woman! I expect a lot of you have already read it. I live in Dublin in Ireland and raised a family here. I'm retired now, from work, and from parenting, although grandchildren are huge in my life. There are many beautiful river walks right beside where I live, which is reflected in the poetry and haikus that I write. I also take a lot of photographs on my phone.

I'm not a photographer at all but I love to capture trees and plants in various weathers. In I published a collection of interlinked short stories - "We All Die in the End" which is available from Amazon in paperback and on kindle. The reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are very good, which is encouraging. Earlier this year I published a collection of poetry, "Minus One", which, more or less, charts my life from childhood through to old age. It is also available from Amazon in both formats.

And finally, two children's books, "Felix Finds Out", and "Ghosts in Trouble" have just been uploaded to Amazon in both formats as well. Suitable for children Like Liked by 1 person. I think anyone of any age could learn from that poem — we all confirm to expectations I suppose. Like Like. What she disliked most was that this early poem written in her 20s overshadowed the rest of her work, which was largely concerned with the duality of existence, a track that runs through all her writing, whether for children or adults, in poetry or prose. Jenny Joseph was first published by John Lehmann in the s. She lived in London for many years and then for much of her life in Gloucestershire before moving to live with her daughter in Swansea after she became housebound in her early 80s.

Her Selected Poems was published by Bloodaxe Books in , drawing on these four books. This retrospective includes her famous poem 'Warning'. Her later work includes four other titles from Bloodaxe: Persephone , winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize; Ghosts and other company ; a book of prose, Extended Similes , and a collection of new and later selected poems, Extreme of things

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