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Professionalism And Ethics In Police

Words: - Pages: 6. Chicago police will provide quality Professionalism And Ethics In Police services and maintain partnership with other members of the community. They should be dressed Professionalism And Ethics In Police, and according Professionalism And Ethics In Police the uniform regulations Professionalism And Ethics In Police their department. The police kaiser wilhelms foreign policy responsible for Professionalism And Ethics In Police first aids to the needy as well as finding lost children. Professionalism And Ethics In Police Cited "Police Professionalism. Thus, ethical dilemma should be resolved in order to make life worth living. London: Cengage Learning, Ethics In Law Enforcement Essay Words 4 Pages Juxtaposition In Jacks Hunt it comes to having and being able to maintain a Professionalism And Ethics In Police moral Professionalism And Ethics In Police, front line patrol officers are the perfect positives and negatives of social media Professionalism And Ethics In Police what law enforcement requires. The audience may also be Professionalism And Ethics In Police professionals and Zelig Film Analysis companies.

The Importance of Ethics in Policing

Cops are exceptionally arranged to impact and spur others to accomplish honest to goodness and respectable open hobby. Moreover, with the power and energy to implement law, the police are in a position to practice colossal carefulness concerning the methods used to fulfill open security objectives. Real practice of power and prudence requires a moral establishment whereupon police conduct must be based keeping in mind that the police manhandle their power. Moral administration is each cop 's obligation and moral authority abilities are among the most critical aptitudes an officer can have.

Police Ethics Ethics is an important element in the police force. Actions of police officers are guided by certain standards, and practices that will ensure the integrity of people working as police officers. These standards and practices form the ethical code of conduct for the police force. While carrying out his mandate, Officer Herrera broke numerous ethical practices that guide the police force. Herrera used unnecessary force while making arrests, carried out searches without a warrant, drafted false charges and stole from suspected criminals.

The audience may also be health professionals and different companies. In the beginning of the article it explains how the author was once that kid who he is talking about now. He can relate to parents because he was once that kid who ate fast —food when his parent could not cook, and he turned into once a skinny boy to a lbs. By adding this background information, it gives the impression that he understands and that he has experience with the situation. When he adds how he changed his life once joining the Navy Reserve, it gives the audience a sense that they can not just blame fast-food companies. To create fairness for both parties, I believe we can solve this problem by combing the restaurants. Local chief and Islamic chief work in the Islamic restaurant together and are responsible to cook their own dishes but local chief cannot violate the rules in Quran.

This is because the space is reserved for the Islamic restaurant. People may then argue that why should locals yield to the islams but I want to say absolute equality is impossible and the only way we could do is minimize the disparity. Hence I think we can…. The code is in place to remind the officers of their duties and obligations to the public.

The code encourages every officer to stay in the side of the law and stay faithful to our country. All the Canons are important and assist our officers serve ethically. Personally, for the sake of this assignment, I believe Canon 1, 4, and 6 are the most important. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Police Officer Qualities In the same chapter page , the good policing section it explains the importance of passion and perspective for police officers. Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Unethical Behavior In Law Enforcement The agency must set the tone regarding the high level of ethical and moral behavior that they expect from each of their police officers.

Importance Of Ethics In Law Enforcement It might be safe to say that there is no other profession that demands a higher ethical standard than that of law enforcement. In this regard, education plays a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of quality service. With the current state of advancement in technology, officers who are not well educated will be rendered obsolete. Some police officers around the globe have embraced social networks in curbing crimes. Even those without web-enabled phones have designed a way of receiving tweets as text messages. Following the above description, professionalism entails the provision of good services within a given jurisdiction. Ethics on the other hand has been broken into several categories, which include Integrity, Honesty, Values, Morals, Principles, Standards and Courage.

According to Lt. He also acknowledged honesty as one of the pillars in enhancing effective enhancement of the law. Values are a system of beliefs meaningful to us and that determine what is vital to us hence controlling our manner of conduct. The other ethical category is moral which determines what is right from what is wrong. Additionally, principles are essential in the portraying the core values within the police force.

When one is exposed to a difficult situation and it happens that he does the right thing despite personal or professional consequences, he is said to be courageous. Courage makes one face a challenge with confidence and self-possession. The courage is either physical or moral. Physical courage includes facing armed suspects and handling them as required while moral courage is evident when one refuses free meals, refuses to indulge in gender based humor as well as refusing gratuities among others. Officers ought to be thorough equipped and trained on how to handle difficult situations before it happens.

According to Travis, there are certain factors that are characteristic of police professionalism , p. When one is arrested, the decisions governing law enforcement, prosecution and passing of a judgment are made using the guide of what is right and just for the people or person in question. Policing is a way of curbing crimes in a more community-based manner. According to Jones and Newburn, there are several aspects that are involved in policing , p. They include the maintenance of the rule of the law, peacekeeping and investigation of crimes among others. Many other professionals are involved in the same task though the police force is the major organ that deals with the maintenance of law and order in many nations.

Others include community police who work hand in hand with the police to ensure that order is maintained in the community level. They act as brokers between the police and the community for a better relationship James, , p. They also deal with responding to stressing calls from distressed community members as well as handling anti-social behaviors in the community. Others that handle the same tasks as the police include the security guards who not only guard property but also people from hazards. They ensure that people do not get involved in criminal activities.

This ensures that the police have easier tasks in maintaining law and order in the society. It gives them sufficient time to enhance their skills through training sessions Broome, , p. The process emphasizes on citizen participation and interaction in solving community problems. In order to ensure that the much anticipated policing is achieved, the relationship between the police and the community needs to be streamlined. Training the community on their role in maintaining law and order in the society is essential in enhancing the co-operation of the two parties. Trust between the police and the community will ensure that the people have a say on how their streets are policed thus rendering the constables accountable locally. The locals ought to know that the police are actually there for them and have confidence that there is ethics and integrity in the criminal justice system.

Policing would be hard and impossible if it was working in isolation. It should be delivered in partnership with the public but with key agencies at the local level and across the criminal justice system. The police are faced with multiple challenges in their line of career that range from being rejected by the people in the community they work from to having to stay calm when faced with a hard situation that can cost them their lives. The police are known to be crime-fighters and doing dangerous jobs that require them to outsmart the challenge. They are supposed to outdo their enemies and the enemies of the community as a whole irrespective of their political, cultural and social backgrounds.

In as much as they maintain law and order, the police have other responsibilities that range from social responsibilities to political responsibilities. The police are responsible for giving first aids to the needy as well as finding lost children. This does not in most cases call for the use of firearms. On the contrary, it needs emotional care and concern. In curbing crimes in the community, the police carry out criminal investigations as well as patrols Chakerian, , p. They also care for the needy, resolve conflicts, protect constitutional guarantees, to reduce the opportunities for the commission of some crimes, to promote and to preserve civil order.

The police should never mix personal gratifications with the performance of their duties. This can jeopardize the sacred love, peace, unity and harmony of the entire nation. The sole beneficiary of all these should be the public. In correction of the perpetrators of the rights of the others, the police make arrests and forward them to the courts of law without infringing their rights at any one given time during the arrest or even thereafter Liqun, , p. They are not supposed to cook evidence or force others to give false evidence. They are not supposed to use force the convict to bow down to the crack of the whip.

Ethical concerns in sentencing include predictions and discrimination. They predict whom to issue greater punishment to the other. The purpose of prediction is to discriminate those offenders who deserve more punishment. They discriminate against race, sex, age and even socioeconomic status. Punishment based on predictions is derived from an earlier criminal record, which mostly is based on race and sex. The problem of sentencing in prediction could be less serious in practice than in perception, but the perception persists widely.

The ethics of sentencing can be stated as a question of justice in which case the need to know what just punishment is and when to impose punishment justly. Crime control policy calls for more police in the streets or imposing longer sentences. Research shows that the more the policies there are in place to control crime the more the problems that can be foreseen by the law. The crime control policy needs to be amended to enhance discipline among the offenders. In conclusion, the police play a pivotal role in the maintenance of law and order in any nation.

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