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This stock is very dark in color and tends to be very defensive, making bee management more difficult. However, because of their defensive nature and their susceptibility to many brood diseases such as American and European foulbrood , this stock lost favor with beekeepers well over a century ago. Although the feral bee population in the United States was once dominated by this strain, newly introduced diseases have nearly wiped out most wild honey bee colonies, making the German bee a rare stock at this time.

The subspecies A. First, their explosive spring buildup enables this race to grow rapidly in population and take advantage of blooms that occur much earlier in the spring, compared to other stocks. Second, they are extremely docile and can be worked with little smoke and protective clothing. Third, they are much less prone to robbing other colonies of honey, lowering disease transmission among colonies. Finally, they are very good builders of wax combs, which can be used for products ranging from candles, to soaps, to cosmetics. Because of their rapid buildup, however, carniolan bees tend to have a high propensity to swarm their effort to relieve overcrowding and, therefore, may leave the beekeeper with a very poor honey crop.

This stock requires continued vigilance to prevent the loss of swarms. This stock was once popular in the United States, but it has declined in regard over the last few decades. Its most notable characteristic is its very long tongue, which enables the bees to forage for nectar from flowers that other bee stocks may not have access to. They tend to be a moderately colored bee and, like the Carniolans, are extremely docile. In the s, honey bee colonies in the British Isles were devastated by acarine disease, which now is suspected to have been the endoparasitic tracheal mite Acarapis woodi.

Brother Adams, a monk at Buckfast Abby in Devon, England, was charged with creating a bee stock that could withstand this deadly disease. He traveled the world interviewing beekeepers and learning about different bee strains, and he created a stock of bees, largely from the Italian race, that could thrive in the cold wet conditions of the British Isles, yet produce good honey crops and exhibit good housecleaning and grooming behavior to reduce the prevalence of disease. Bees of this stock are moderately defensive. However, if left unmanaged for one or two generations, they can be among the most fiercely defensive bees of any stock.

They also are moderate in spring population buildup, preventing them from taking full advantage of early nectar flows. The USDA tested whether this stock had evolved resistance to varroa and found that it had. Numerous studies have shown that bees of this strain have fewer than half the number of mites that are found in standard commercial stocks. The quarantine phase of this project has been complete since , and bees of this strain are available commercially. Russian bees tend to rear brood only during times of nectar and pollen flows, so brood rearing and colony populations tend to fluctuate with the environment.

They also exhibit good housecleaning behavior, resulting in resistance not only to varroa but also to the tracheal mite. Bees of this stock exhibit some unusual behaviors compared to other strains. For example, they tend to have queen cells present in their colonies almost all the time, whereas most other stocks rear queens only during times of swarming or queen replacement.

Russian bees also perform better when not in the presence of other bee strains; research has shown that cross-contamination from susceptible stocks can lessen the varroa resistance of these bees. While a tremendous amount of variation remains within and among the different bee stocks, some generalities still can be made. Thus, it is best for each beekeeper to experience the characteristics of the different bee strains first hand and then form an opinion about which stock best fits his or her situation. For more information on beekeeping, visit the Beekeeping Notes website. David R. Jennifer J. Publication date: Feb. Recommendations for the use of agricultural chemicals are included in this publication as a convenience to the reader.

The use of brand names and any mention or listing of commercial products or services in this publication does not imply endorsement by NC State University or N. They will be gone, headed south, in the next week or so, Breuer said. The purple martins already have migrated south. There are hollow gourds and purple martin houses on the course. More: 'Very excited, a little nervous': University of Missouri students move in ahead of the fall semester.

There also are 26 bluebird houses for the state bird, which has resulted in 3, fledgling bluebirds since Several areas of the course are planted with wildflowers, which Breuer calls pollinator plots. One plot contained 20 to 25 different native wildflowers. Bees from the hives collected pollen from some of them. Breuer pointed out common milkweed and butterfly milkweed, purple cone flowers, compass plants, goldenrod and other wildflowers. More: University of Missouri study examines how nursing homes can keep residents out of hospitals. One of the plots resembled how the area probably looked to years ago, he said. The golf course in became the first college golf course to be certified by the Audubon Society as a cooperative sanctuary. The golf course isn't the only location on campus with honeybees.

Sustain Mizzou Beekeeping, part of a student environmental group, cares for the hives. Sustain Mizzou is becoming a full campus program. Some buildings in Columbia Public Schools also have beehives as an educational tool.

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