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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Herodotus

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The Histories Of HERODOTUS: Explained Simply! - 8 Weeks of Ancient Historians

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Short essays on art essays to read now. It's still difficult for me to understand why anyone would willingly ignore the pointless bullying, the tedious machismo, the cynical grasping and snatching after pathetic shreds of power, and the sheer unadulterated lunacy all adequately portrayed in this novel that seem to invariably accompany military life. Why get up in the morning? Why take one route to work and not the other? Why order a croissant and not a banana nut muffin? Why do a good job at work when a crummy job will suffice? Why sit? Why stand? When you are a part of a team, any team, it helps everything else to make sense. If you are part of a fighting team, life not only makes sense, but you have a purpose as well. You get up in the morning, you have a place to go.

It makes a difference whether you shine your shoes. There's a right way to lay your shield on the ground, and a wrong way. You have friends and colleagues to admire, and to be admired by. You are a nobly small part of a fine upstanding tradition, without which the Persians would overrun civilization, leaving us to wallow in our own filth while listening to goateed Brooklyn hipsters complain about the deficit of adequate post-apocalyptic arugula. I guess it's just about time for another dose of medication. Before I join the line at the nurse's window, I'd like to say that reading this book about people with a purpose was a worthwhile use of time, but I'm not sure that present-day people who read this book and see their purpose reflected in the life and achievements of the Spartans actually understand the Spartans, or themselves.

View all 6 comments. Jun 13, Trevor I no longer get notified of comments rated it really liked it Recommended to Trevor I no longer get notified of comments by: Richard. Shelves: history , literature. This was an interesting book. It was well told and, from what I know, an accurate enough telling of the story of the Herodotus also tells this story in his histories and it is hardly surprising that a tale of so few holding off an army of so many should be remembered as one of the great military stories of all time.

This one is told through the eyes of a capture This was an interesting book. This one is told through the eyes of a captured assistant to the Spartans who is asked by the Persian king to tell his story and who does so in quite some depth and detail. The odd thing was that this story is told really by an historian of the Persians, and normally this would, within the context of the novel, raise concerns over the accuracy of the story as told and translated from the Greek and into Persian for the king. The convoluted process involved in the telling of the story was not really to get the reader to question the accuracy of what was being told, but rather to find a way to get many of the threads in the story to all line up. This is a story about bravery and what it takes to be brave, and I guess that is exactly the sort of thing people in the army would expect to learn.

This is interesting, as it does involve some fascinating mental gymnastics. This is a remarkable story and well told here in a way a modern audience would be much more likely to enjoy. Many of the famous lines are all here, from fighting in the shade due to the number of arrows the Persians would be able to fire to telling the emissary of the Persians 'to come and get them' referring to the Greek weapons after being asked to hand them over. I kept thinking that it was odd that it was mostly told in first person, as generally these stories are told in omniscient narration, and this made me think that perhaps modern tellings of stories like this are much more likely to be told through the eyes of an individual.

Anyway, I enjoyed this more than I thought I might. Aug 01, Charles van Buren rated it it was amazing. Holloway's What Fates Impose, this novel by Steven Pressfield is what historical fiction should be. Well researched story of Thermopylae, true to the time and place, informative, excellent character development and a well written, engrossing story. Told from the perspective of a captured, critically wounded Spartan helot all the Spartans died, after all who is being questioned by Xerxes King of Persia for information about the Greeks, the story presents a sympathetic, insider view of Spartan society and accurately presents the values of Greek civilization in contrast to that of the Persians.

Pressfield is intimately familiar with the major historical accounts of the battle and fills in the many gaps with events and conversations that could have, and possibly should have, happened. Leonidas, one of two kings of Sparta, leads Spartans to Thermopylae in the attempt to delay the Persian army from reaching Greece before the Greeks have time to prepare the resistance. In ancient times, Thermopylae was the site of a narrow pass between the mountains and the sea, only wide enough for a few men to walk shoulder to shoulder. Joined by allies from other Greek cities Argos and Thespis, as I recall , the total number of fighting men was approximately 1, to face Xerxes mighty army, which ancient accounts number in the millions. The Spartans use superior technology bronze armor and weapons , superior training, and superior tactics the deadly phalanx to hold the Persians for three days.

Even Persia's elite fighting force, the dreaded Immortals, are unable to defeat the Spartans. Treachery, however, proves the undoing of the Spartans. Ephialtes not the misshapen expatriate Spartan of the moview "" sells information to the Persians, revealing a hidden path through the mountains. Surrounded, the Spartans refuse to surrender, preferring to fight to the death in order to demonstrate their superiority and to strike fear into the hearts of the Persians, who will soon have to face larger Greek armies. The death toll for the Persians is in the high thousands. Although not in the book, the sacrifice of the Spartans ultimately pays off.

For, after sacking Athens, Xerxes is defeated in two decisive battles: Salamis, in which the Athenian navy destroys the Persian fleet, deprives Xerxes of much needed supplies; Plataea, in which the combined armies of Sparta and other allies defeats the Persian army. Greece, and along with it, Western Civilization is saved from Persian slavery, and the path is paved for the Golden Age of Athens. The book is an incredibly good read. I have recommended the book to many different people of various backgrounds and interests. None have been able to put it down. Mar 08, Alicja rated it it was amazing Shelves: war-military-battle , ancient-world , historical-fiction , pre-gun-battles , ancient-greece , arec-for-t , dream-library , male-author , ancient-persia.

I am a sucker for well written battles and soldier camaraderie and this was it, one of the best I've read so far. It was filled with a ton of historical accuracy, from the events to the historical people and through battle techniques, Spartan battle training and laws, through to how ancient Greece looked, felt, and even smelled. The description and details were captivating. The character development was good as well, I fell in love with Xeo and his telling of Alexandros, Dienekes, Leonidas, Suicide, Polynikes, and others. However, the story was told by Xeo, looking retroactively at the battle and the lives of the Spartans, as told to the Persian Great King Xerxes and involved jumping through time in a non-linear fashion.

It also included some notes from a Persian historian, as if he were recording the story and happenings currently, post Battle of Thermopylae. I understand why the author made those choices, there were things that Xeo couldn't witness and an understanding we could only get from a Persian POV. I get it. Still, it served to drag me away from the story and my emotional involvement with it, and sometimes even caused confusion as to the timeline. The disruption wasn't terrible but it was enough to strip this novel of its potential to be one of my all-time favorites. Despite this, it was still amazing, brilliant, and breathtaking; a worthy read and one of the better ones on ancient Greece. I would recommend it to everyone, especially those that love historically accurate detail and ancient military history, tactics, and battles.

Feb 22, Chris Berko rated it it was amazing. About ten years ago I watched a movie titled House of Flying Daggers that my friend said was "a feast of the senses. The sets, scenery, costumes, and colors were beautiful, the script and pacing were a perfect blend of action, intrigue, drama, and romance, and the fighting scenes were well choreographed and edit About ten years ago I watched a movie titled House of Flying Daggers that my friend said was "a feast of the senses. The sets, scenery, costumes, and colors were beautiful, the script and pacing were a perfect blend of action, intrigue, drama, and romance, and the fighting scenes were well choreographed and edited perfectly for sound and sight.

A truly remarkable movie. That brings me to this book. I cornily pronounce this book to be a feast of the senses. I could feel the blood-soaked dirt between my toes, I could hear the clash of bodies and armor, I could smell the blood, piss, and shit on the battle fields, and I could see the carnage of it all. But in between the battles the author does such a spectacular job bringing these historical figures to life I could feel their emotions and I experienced their pain, courage, love, loss, and fear.

This was an amazing reading experience and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Mar 08, Cranky rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobooks. I chose this book reluctantly from my library's audiobook shelf. I thought I should read it because my knowledge of ancient history was pretty gap-filled, and because at some point I'm planning to rent "" and this would be good background. I always pick up books I "should" read with grudging feelings. I was foolish to have hesitated over it, because this book is excellent. I'm just a few tracks from the end, and I feel wrecked by it. Knowing the outcome makes no difference--and even thos I chose this book reluctantly from my library's audiobook shelf. Knowing the outcome makes no difference--and even those who know nothing of Thermopylae will know the ending, because the book is told looking back in time.

The story is told my one survivor found by the Persians after the fateful battle. On the Persian king's orders, he tells not only the tale of the battle from the Spartan side, but also the culture, training, and beliefs of the Spartans and some of their Greek allies. It's the latter topics which take up most of the book, and which draw the reader in. Despite knowing how it comes out, the book is suspenseful as well as dramatic and moving. It's quite funny, in parts, as well. I find myself wishing the author had written a book twice as long. I highly recommend it. I'm no lover of brothers in arms novels nor of battlefield butchery, however I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Historical research is evident throughout the narration, I was impressed by the accuracy of the historical facts and the faithful portray of the Spartan society.

I was moved by many scenes and dialogues between the characters which investigate interesting psychological and philosophical issues. The language is beautiful employing the actual Greek vocabulary therefore providing a interesti I'm no lover of brothers in arms novels nor of battlefield butchery, however I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The language is beautiful employing the actual Greek vocabulary therefore providing a interesting linguistic perspective which I haven't found in any other historical fiction book. The story line jumps back and forward and it reminded me of classical literature e. Homer's ring composition. This book might not be everyone's cup of tea due to the emphasis on battle talk and the insights on soldier's psyche but these elements are undoubtedly a true reflection of Spartan society.

Initially, knowing a bit of ancient Greece history and society aspects in general, I was sceptical of the account of Spartan attitude towards women, I thought that the strong female characters to be exaggerated, however, after some research on my part, I found that the events in the book are actually very plausible and believable. Lady Arete is my favourite character. This book is not just for the boys and deserves 5 well earned stars. Mar 02, GeekChick rated it it was ok Shelves: fictionalized-history. When I first tried reading this book about the Battle of Thermopylae, after a while I just had to put it down. I didn't know if it was because I just didn't like it, or if it was because it wasn't the right time to read it. So I tried again.

Forgive me for saying something like this, but it's clear the book is written by a man. There is way too much detail, but absolutely no emotional foundation. I am betting my husband would love this. But for me, just when it gets good, Pressfield derails into too much boring, needless detail. I'm definitely going to see what my hubby thinks, though. When I find out, I'll update my review! Mar 12, Doug rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites. If you have any interest in ancient history, the ancient Greeks, history in general, warfare, or just plain good writing, you owe it to yourself to read this book.

I don't want to be long winded here, because I think most of the other reviews for this book do it justice already. But what Pressfield does here is nothing short of masterful. This is truly his magnum opus. The way that he builds up the suspense to the final, horrifying, and shocking calamity that is Thermopylae, is incredib Stunning. The way that he builds up the suspense to the final, horrifying, and shocking calamity that is Thermopylae, is incredible. This is a book that doesn't gloss over the horror of warfare. Reading this is like reading All Quiet on the Western Front but in ancient times.

This is not a tale of braggadocious hollywood heroes. I was dumbstruck when the battle finally began. I won't spoil anything though anyone who knows even the very basics of this story knows how this will all go down , but this is a description of ancient warfare at its finest. Ancient warfare was not, as many movies and even books would like us to think, a glorious and colorful event. And in his book, Pressfield makes this abundantly clear. Men piss themselves. Their legs quake with fear in the silent dread that comes right before battle. Men cry. Hoplites walk around in a daze, half-crushed helmets hanging off their heads limply.

Some are blinded. Some go mad with fear. The horrors of battle even drive the greatest veterans to the breaking point. I don't know if a movie could ever do this book justice. This might be, in my humble opinion, the definitive fictional work about Thermopylae. Most historical fiction books, which I do enjoy reading, seldom grab my attention as intently as this book by Steven Pressfield. There are many reasons why I recommend this book. Here are a few of them: 1. The writing carries with it the essence of past days. The writing style of writers like Homer, Plato, and Plutarch have clearly influenced the voicing the author chose to characterize this book.

Not only is a great story being retold in an imaginative Most historical fiction books, which I do enjoy reading, seldom grab my attention as intently as this book by Steven Pressfield. Not only is a great story being retold in an imaginative way, but the entire warrior culture is on display. The story is humanized through the narrator Xeones, a mixture between a book on history and an interesting novel. It is easy to get wrapped up in the story, and it was hard for me to put it down. The characters stay true to who they are, and the main ones are fleshed out, showing their weaknesses as well as their strengths. The author gently reminds us who a minor character is if her or she only has a tiny bit to add to the story at different times.

Even though almost everyone knows this story and how it ends, the tension builds from early on and the last quarter of the book is a page-turner. Five stars. Nov 22, David rated it it was amazing. Having just finished all the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, this was a strong change of perspective and tone. I was initially disturbed by the depictions of war and life in ancient Greece. Whether I adjusted over the first hundred pages or it's simply that the most disturbing material is in the beginning, I can't say. I do know that I quickly became engrossed in both the story and setting. Now I want to see the armor and weapons from the time period so I can better understand the phalanx Having just finished all the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, this was a strong change of perspective and tone.

Now I want to see the armor and weapons from the time period so I can better understand the phalanx fighting style of the Greeks. I want to learn more about the Persian military to understand why their weapons and armor differed so greatly. I am fascinated by the descriptions of Spartan psychology though I certainly lack the physical attributes, perhaps mentally I might've made a good Spartan! This being the first Steven Pressfield book I've read, I can only hope this isn't his one hit wonder. Even if that is the case, it's brilliant enough for me to consider him an amazing author of historical fiction. Oct 20, Barnabas Piper rated it it was amazing. Steven Pressfield writes fantastic historical fiction.

I have read a few of his books, and i think this is my favorite so far. He finds a way to tell a story in great detail without being laborious from a unique perspective without being obvious or cheesy. He is masterful and the story is powerful. The Battle of Thermopylae is nothing short of a turning point in history that decided if there would be a western world. This is a good and interesting dramatization.

Told through the eyes of Xeones a young man who's become a Helot a type of slave. Having been enslaved by the Spartans as a young man he becomes in Gate of Fire the only Hellenistic survivor of the Battle of Thermopylae. The hatha yoga pradipika declares that samadhi is achieved when the anahata nadam, the unstruck sound, can be heard. He who is well versed in the Word-Brahman, attains to the Supreme Brahman. Maitri Upanishad VI. Dhairya Patience.. Prabhubhakti Loyalty.. Total—24 … the lofty 24 spoke representations have also been corrupted by the white invader to involve mundane material nonsense like money, success , maintenance, bhakti replacing shraddha , suppression , production, sweetness, defence , penance, service etc.

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Is a good sign no? Thank you very much Captain. Regards, Suman. V KedareshOctober 2, at AM. Dear Captain Sir,. Loads of Love. Love you to the core. This is for you. From the hill top. He looks upon the horde. Mindful among the mindless. King of the silent world. He is sheltering the young. The truthful soldiers. An ocean born from endless sacrifice. For a better world. Call him Mighty King. He opened the doors He, who mastered the Life.

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