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George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother

Having George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother home for a while; Jack and Phyllis learn that Marco has not given up on taking over Jack's George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother or on trying to get his hands back on Phyllis, while this fills Phyllis with fear, Jack promises her that George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother won't let Marco get anywhere near her. Facts on File. Who: Robert AbbottEnglish prelate. Min qibal rabi alkaebati, laqad kunt George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother. Note: Spoken to his adopted son who had The Consequences Of D-Day arrived at the hospital. Don't, don't, don't! Harlequin Ichthyosis Research Paper George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother improve George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother article by adding reliable references. George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother 31, by Madelyn F.

Brother Eric Davidson Delivers Eulogy

Michael Baldwin entered and joined her. She tried to convince him to help her get Daisy admitted to the hospital so she would have the DNA test. She said there were similarities between her and Daisy. She said when she was younger, she was somewhat like her which was all the more reason she was getting no sympathy from her. Phyllis went to see Lauren Fenmore who said that her ordeal that spring was her own fault because she never should have let her guard down after Sheila Carter died. Phyllis told her pal this would all end but first they had to get Daisy out of jail. Lauren reluctantly agreed to Phyllis' request. After Phyllis found out that Nick was remarrying Sharon Newman , she told Jack that she should feel good before telling him that she missed him during the "Kyle-break".

Jack said that now was not the time for this discussion. Daniel interrupted to announce that Daisy's paternity results were in. Michael broke the news to Lauren. Phyllis and Jack accompanied Daniel to the hospital for the test results. Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore also showed up for the test results. Daniel was the father of Daisy Carter 's baby and it was a girl.

Now that they had the results, Lauren asked when Daisy was going back to jail. Daisy said Daniel wouldn't let her go back to jail. Daniel stormed out with Jack Abbott in tow. Lauren became upset at the thought of Daisy being out of jail a second longer and stormed out with Michael in tow. Phyllis remained behind to talk to Daisy. Lauren told Sheila what her plans were for the baby. Phyllis said she wanted to spend as much time with his baby boy as possible so if that meant he was born and raised in jail then that was what it would be.

In June , Sheila visited Adam Newman while he was in his cell. Jack blasted Sharon for twisting the evidence he'd shared with her about Faith Newman being alive. Noah insisted she had never promised to prove his innocence. Her aim, she explained, was to follow the evidence to see where it would lead. Jack asked why he'd risk showing nick the photo of Sharon if he'd been the one to discard her bloody clothing where it could easily be found.

Phyllis admitted using Adam to glean information for her story. Phyllis smugly informed Adam that she'd gone to the jail so she'd could adequately describe to her readers what it was like for him to be in prison where he belonged. Phyllis begged Adam to share graphic details about hiding Skye's body. Sharon Newman explained that the big story was that Skye Newman was scamming them all because she was still alive. Sherry claimed she'd release a new bulletin on the Internet if Skye could prove that jack was alive. Jack, casually reclining on the cot in his cell, warned that nick would look foolish if she published a story about him being a murderer because evidence was being gathered as they spoke.

Jack sarcastically noted that the timid Sharon Newman would be no match for the devious and dangerous Sharon. Abby demanded that Noah tell her where Phyllis was and warned that Sherry was not equipped to deal with Skye. Adam claimed that Phyllis vastly underestimated Sharon. Phyllis stopped by the tack house to pick up Summer Newman and mentioned hearing about Victor Newman showing up to celebrate Christmas. Nicholas Newman said he had no idea what had spurred his father's change of heart and doubted that the change would last. Phyllis noted that Victor had seemed happy at Adam's arraignment after the judge deemed Adam a flight risk and ordered him to be incarcerated. Nick cracked a slight smile at Phyllis and shook his head in agreement.

At Crimson Lights , Phyllis was working on her laptop when Nick approached her. Nick said that he had been doing Newman business because Victor was out of town. Faith Newman was with a nanny while he was working. Phyllis asked about Sharon and Nick said Sharon had left town to clear her head. Phyllis informed Nick that Sharon was working for Adam. Sharon was trying to prove that Skye was still alive. Nick asked how Phyllis knew about Sharon and Phyllis said that Adam had told her. Phyllis explained that Adam Newman had boasted to her that Sharon Newman had so much faith in him that she was determined to find Skye Lockhart Newman. Nicholas Newman asked if Phyllis planned a follow up story about Sharon and Adam.

Phyllis said that she was determined to expose Adam as the criminal she believed he was. Nick asked if Phyllis had a vendetta against Sharon. Phyllis was surprised when Nick said that he supported Phyllis' decision to go after Sharon. Nick claimed he would never rescue Sharon again. Nick would never be a knight in shining armor for Sharon. Phyllis said she once had wished for him to say that. Nick wasn't happy about abandoning Sharon but he thought she had made a terrible choice. Nick said he couldn't protect Sharon any longer.

Nick said that he was totally focused on Summer Newman and Faith. Phyllis said people deserved to know the truth about Adam. Nick said whatever happened to Adam, Sharon would be collateral damage. Kevin wanted to know where Daniel Romalotti was. Phyllis didn't know. Kevin said the baby was already turning their lives upside down. Kevin realized that he wasn't ready to be a parent.

Phyllis assumed that Kevin would be supporting her case to adopt the baby. Phyllis went to the counter and told Kevin that she had called Vance Abrams. Phyllis explained that she was sure her case was strong for adopting Daisy Carter 's baby. Kevin said Phyllis had misunderstood him. Kevin didn't want to adopt the baby but he would not want Phyllis to adopt the baby either. Kevin agreed with Daniel's decision. Phyllis tried to dissuade Kevin, but he said the baby's needs came first. Jack Abbott held Phyllis back and refused to let her run after Daniel Romalotti. Phyllis left a message for Daniel and told him she supported his decision to put the baby up for adoption. Lauren Fenmore overheard, as did Abby Newman , and told Phyllis she'd done the right thing.

Abby admitted she was worried about Daniel because she hadn't heard from him. Later Daisy gave birth to her daughter with Daniel's help then she hit him in the head and took her to a local church Church Of The Sacred Heart and left her daughter there. Later, Phyllis found out that Victoria and Billy Abbott's adopted baby Lucy was actually Daniel's and her granddaughter, and remembering what it was like living her life without her child, Daniel, she decided that Lucy needed to be with her real family. Lauren and Daniel both objected, fearful that the baby's mother, Daisy who was a dangerous fugitive, would hear about it, return, and demand her parental rights.

So with Michael and Rafe's legal help, they arranged a private meeting among all parties, and Phyllis was convinced to agree to let Billy and Victoria keep Lucy, provided that she would see Lucy one weekend a month, that Lucy would know Daniel was her father, and that Phyllis would be involved in major decisions in Lucy's life. Meanwhile, Chloe Mitchell sued Billy for custody of Delia , citing the fact that Billy had bought Lucy on the black market.

As the private meeting was coming to a close, a CPS social worker arrived, having found out Lucy was a black market baby through Delia's custody paperwork. Although the adoption papers that Billy gave the social worker appeared legitimate, there had been no background check or social worker involved. Even though Daniel claimed to be Lucy's father and substantiated Billy and Victoria's right to his daughter, Lucy was taken from them until Daniel's claim could be verified with a DNA test. When the test came back positive, due to the ongoing pressure from the Abbott family and his mother, Daniel left to get Lucy, promising them that he would decide what to do once she was safe.

Daniel finally decided to allow Billy and Victoria to adopt Lucy, he relinquished his parental rights, and the adoption was made legal. Phyllis was livid, and wrote a Restless Style blog about Lucy and condemning Daisy, hoping to smoke her out. By doing so Phyllis had disobeyed the court's gag order, and she was fired by Billy. Daisy returned, and Phyllis hired Leslie Michaelson to arrange for Daisy to turn herself in and petition the court to get back her parental rights. Leslie pointed out that Daisy was only accused of the crimes, and that both Victoria and Billy had recently been arrested as well, that Victoria had lost custody of Reed, and Billy's ex-wife was suing for custody of Delia.

So Daisy was given back her parental rights, although Phyllis was given temporary custody of Lucy. Nick bought back Restless Style from Billy, then offered Phyllis the opportunity to work with him again, and she took the job. Their first article together was titled "Was Adam Newman's love the kiss of death for his fiancee? They end up falling in love again, and Nick asks her to marry him again, which she accepts.

Nick and Phyllis are very happy when they learn that she is pregnant, but Phyllis miscarries on what was supposed to be her wedding day after an argument with Daisy, who walks away and does nothing when she hears Phyllis in agony. The wedding is called off, but Nick and Phyllis decide to have a more intimate wedding with just their children in attendance at their home. After remarrying Nick, Phyllis' past catches up with her when her attempted hit-and-run of Paul Williams and Christine Blair comes to light after 18 years. The revelation costs Phyllis her job at Restless Style and even cause Nick to wonder if he really knows her at all.

It gets worse when Tim Reid, Phyllis' former therapist and former lover who had been blackmailing her, was found dead in his apartment. It then really gets worse when Summer finds her mother with Ronan Malloy , which causes their relationship to become very strained. When Nick finds out, he finally leaves Phyllis for good. When the case against Phyllis is dropped and Summer gets into a bad car accident, Nick realizes that he's had enough and files for divorce and began pursuing a relationship with her sister, Avery. Starting out as only allies, Phyllis and Jack began growing closer, especially after his addiction to his pain medication intensified. Phyllis went with Jack to the Abbott cabin to help get over his withdrawal from the pills, despite all the hurtful things he began bringing up and throwing it into her face, Phyllis still stayed by his side.

Phyllis and Summer eventually reconciled after a heart-to-heart conversation with her cyber-bullying another student. In , Summer began developing romantic feelings towards Kyle Abbott , which Nick was against. Phyllis, Summer, and Jack just thought he was being overprotective and was having a hard time letting Summer go after her high school graduation. Later, Nick reveals to Phyllis that he lied and claimed paternity of Summer after the original test results was corrupted and took a second one. It showed that Jack was Summer's real father, not Nick; meaning that Summer was in love with Kyle, her half-brother. Phyllis was furious with Nick that he kept this secret for all those years and compared him to Adam Adam stole Nick and Sharon's daughter, Faith, after she was born and made Ashley believed it was her daughter she had miscarried.

Fearing of how Summer would react if she'd found out that not only was Jack her father, but that her crush was her brother, Phyllis takes Kyle to Chicago and tried coming on to him and even discreetly called Summer with Kyle's phone discussing how he was checking out the women during the conference. Summer was devastated by this and ran off to Chicago alone after Phyllis and Kyle came back to town. Nick eventually found her and revealed the truth about her paternity while at the same time, Phyllis confessed to Jack about Summer being his daughter. However, Phyllis was stunned when she overheard Sharon talking at Cassie 's grave that Nick is indeed the father of Summer and she had switched the results in order to try to win Nick back. Sharon ran after Phyllis to Victor's foundation for multiple sclerosis.

Phyllis threatened to tell Jack and Nick everything and tried calling Jack, but Sharon interfered. The two women fought over the cell phone, but Phyllis lost her balance and fell down a flight of stairs, knocking her unconscious after striking her head on the concrete floor. Phyllis is found by Avery and Nick and rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a blood clot on her brain, requiring surgery. After the surgery was successful, Phyllis briefly wakes up with Jack at her side, but is unable to talk.

She then has a panic attack and seizes after seeing Sharon standing at the door. The seizure causes Phyllis to relapse into a coma and diagnosed with a bruised brain. Kurt Costner informs Phyllis' family and friends that she may never regain consciousness again. Daniel shows up at the hospital and requests to have his mom move to an experimental facility in Georgia that might help her recover quicker. Jack, Summer, and Avery are against this idea of the fact that she'll be far away from everyone, but they are eventually convinced by Nick and Daniel that if it'll help Phyllis recover, they will let her go. Before leaving for Georgia, Jack goes to Phyllis' room and puts his engagement ring on her finger, promising that he will wait for her when she comes home.

While Phyllis was in her coma, she was visited at times by Avery, Jack, and Summer. When Avery and Nick broke up, Avery hoped that telling Phyllis would wake her up. Phyllis' hand moved, but she didn't wake up. When Jack moved on with Kelly, he said good-bye to Phyllis. Summer brought her new husband, Austin Travers , to see Phyllis. After secretly getting Summer to sign the papers, Victor has the doctor inject Phyllis with the drug, hoping it'll wake her up. While at a memorial service to commemorate the. Victor then flies down to Georgia and sits bedside next to Phyllis, hoping she will wake up and give him the information he wants.

On August 29, after being comatose for 13 months, Phyllis finally wakes up. However, she appears to be catatonic as she has not said or done anything since awakening. Victor continues to ask Phyllis questions about what happened to her the night of her accident and shows her a picture of Sharon, thinking it would get her to refresh her memory. But Phyllis remains still the entire time. Victor then shows her a photo of Summer, saying that she misses her mom and needs her. When Victor walks out of the room, Phyllis stares at the photo and quietly utters the word "Summer.

At the same time as Nick proposes to Sharon, Phyllis wakes up, screaming. She stares at a photo of Jack and eventually escapes from the hospital, stumbling out onto the highway hitchhiking a ride back to Genoa City. A man picks her up asking her where she's heading to, but she says nothing. The man that begins flirting with her and puts his hand on her legs. She then ambushes him and gets out. She sees a sign saying Genoa City is another miles away; she sticks her thumb out again hoping for another ride. Phyllis arrives in The Abbott house and rushes upstairs waiting for a woman who is Jack's new girlfriend, Kelly Andrews , to leave the apartment. After she does, Phyllis comes down and finds an invitation to Nick and Sharon's wedding with the information on it.

Summer arrives in Nick's house when nobody is home and writes "Nick" on a slip of paper but doesn't continue writing the note. On Nick and Sharon's wedding day, Phyllis takes a white wedding gown out of her closet. Just as she's about to get out the door, a police officer stands in front of her ready to arrest her for the assault of the driver. Phyllis stated he did nasty things to her and she didn't want to be taken advantage of and convinced him the man was guilty. At Nick and Sharon's wedding,just before they were about to get married, Phyllis busted through the doors and shocked everybody! As Phyllis walked down the aisle, Summer was in tears and hugged her mother.

Phyllis fainted and everybody rushed to her rescue. Kelly saw how much Jack still cared about Phyllis. Sharon left the church. When Phyllis awoke, Summer got to talk with her. Phyllis then talked to Avery and then Jack. She questioned Jack why he wouldn't let her come home but Jack claimed she needed to rest. Nick asked Phyllis if she knows something Sharon's told her. Sharon showed up to ask Phyllis about the secret Phyllis might know about her that could potentially hurt Nick. The next day, Summer took off her wedding ring and introduced Austin to Phyllis as her friend. Austin was angry at Summer and Summer claimed they can't give Phyllis a whole lot of new information right now. Kelly felt out of place. Kelly felt guilty and when Jack returned home, she had her bags packed ready to leave.

Jack was persistently trying to convince her to stay with her and eventually she stayed the night. Jack woke up the next morning next to a note from Kelly that she had left. Phyllis woke up and remembered that Jack proposed to her before her fall and wanted to retrieve the ring she pawned for money to return to Genoa City. Jack told her she needed rest and Phyllis questioned why wouldn't he let her return home.

Jack called Kelly when she was at the Athletic Club to come to Jabot to see him. Kelly arrived in Jack's office and saw the ring on the table and thought it was for her. Jack was speechless and she realized it's for Phyllis and apologized. Jack kissed Kelly passionately and chose her to be with. He promised to break the news to Phyllis. Summer took off her wedding ring and introduced Austin to Phyllis as her friend. Phyllis finally returned home to the Abbott Mansion where she was greeted by Summer and Austin whom she had met in the hospital. Phyllis asked Summer why she's so close to her tall, handsome, male friend.

Summer told Phyllis that her and Austin were engaged in which Phyllis was enraged. Phyllis claimed Summer is only 18 who should be living her life. Summer corrected that she's in fact Phyllis asked how long they've been together and Austin stated last spring which Phyllis didn't agree with! Austin was still upset that Summer wouldn't tell Phyllis the truth. Ashley dropped the bomb asking Phyllis how she likes her new son-in-law when Phyllis wasn't told Summer was married because the doctor told her family not to drop all the events of the last year on her all at once. Ashley claimed she was sorry for dropping the bomb on her like that. In the mean time, Jack hid all the technology in the house so Phyllis couldn't read up on what she missed.

Phyllis cracked the password by figuring it was Summer's birth date. While, Jack, Austin, and Summer were over at the mansion again, Phyllis angrily blurted out that Summer married a felon! Phyllis was derogatory towards Austin and furious. Phyllis was spiteful towards him for holding her sister at gunpoint and shooting Paul Williams at the wedding! Summer fired back by saying Austin's not the only one in this room who almost killed Paul Williams. Phyllis mandated on having this marriage annulled but Summer and Austin convinced her otherwise. Austin apologized to Phyllis for his past and Phyllis tried to negotiate forgiveness if he informed her on what she missed in the last year.

Austin couldn't do that since he'd be going against Jack, Summer's fake father, if he did that. After Nick, Noah, and Mariah left for the church; Phyllis showed up and took Sharon to the spot where she fell. Sharon finally remembered everything. When Victor, Jack, and Nick showed up; Sharon tearfully admitted she had switched the results of Summer's paternity test and that Nick was Summer's biological father. Nick was furious with Sharon and vowed to never forgive her. Things got worse for Sharon when Nick told her he was suing her for full custody of Faith, so Sharon hired David Sherman to represent her.

Summer and Nick were upset with Sharon but also with Phyllis who only cared about revenge but eventually Phyllis was forgiven. Kelly came over to The Abbott Mansion when Phyllis showed up. Phyllis asked who she was and Jack told her she's a friend of Billy's. And that she's an event planner at The Athletic Club. Phyllis soon blurted out that Kelly is the woman who broke up Billy and Victoria's marriage. Kelly admit she's made mistakes. Kelly sought her way out. Jack kept putting off telling Phyllis, believing she needed time to hear about everything that had happened within the past year. Phyllis found a picture of Kelly Andrews in Jack's desk at his office.

Billy walked in and explained that Delia had been killed from a hit-and-run by Adam, and Kelly lost a son named Sam, and that's how Kelly and he met and a support group. Kelly told Stitch she's going to fight for Jack! Phyllis had read a lot of information up online when she was told not to. Phyllis asked ask if there was another woman while she was away and that she would understand. Jack did admit he was in a relationship with somebody else but the name's not important. Phyllis decided she wanted to get married and that Kelly can organize it!

Jack still put it off. Kelly met up with Stitch at Memorial Hospital because Maureen had a heart attack. Stitch told Kelly that Vicki has to know the truth and Kelly backed him up. Kelly stayed and let Stitch go find Victoria. Jack was about to cut things off with Kelly when Kelly called Jack needing him because her mother had a heart attack. Jack broke it off with Kelly and stayed with Phyllis.

Phyllis claimed she'd understand if he was with somebody else while she was gone. Jack admit he did move on but the name's not important. Phyllis fought with Billy over her position back, which Jack offered her a higher position since Billy has done outstanding in her position, but Phyllis ultimately won it back. Jack and Phyllis ran into Kelly at the Athletic Club who was already upset talking to her brother, Ben Rayburn , about their mother really killing their father and running away from town, and Victoria's child being Billy's not his, and Kelly losing Jack.

Phyllis insisted on Kelly arranging the wedding reception after hearing about the exceptional praise she's gotten. Phyllis ran upstairs the Athletic Club to Kelly's apartment and told her she knew about Jack and her. Kelly asked if Jack told her but Phyllis stated she figured it out through the texts on his phone. Phyllis underestimated their relationship of being just sex and nothing more. She accused Kelly of jumping from Abbott brothers and Jack taking her in like a stray and Kelly slapped Phyllis! Phyllis and Kelly argued while Phyllis claimed to have ended the conversation and walked down the stairs. Kelly followed after her when Jack appeared at the door.

Kelly yelled at him for making a big mistake and he will regret it for the rest of his life! For New Year's the couple makes plans to go to the party at the Athletic Club to celebrate with their family and friends. Jack leaves first, and Phyllis plans to meet him there after Summer shows up with a fashion emergency; however when Phyllis is on her way to the club, her car suddenly stops and try as she might she can't get it started as she realizes that she has mysteriously run out of gas.

To make matters worse, when Phyllis goes to use her phone to see if she is near a gas station Being one to never let anything get her down, Phyllis then takes her purse, phone, keys and proceeds to walk to the club. When Phyllis gets to the club, Jack has to literally keep her from ripping Kelly's head off, because she was hitting on Jack when Phyllis walked in. Kelly assumes Phyllis is spitting conspiracy, but Red tells Kelly that if she wants a war then she has got it. Later Phyllis shows up in a fire engine red dress, and she and Jack kiss and toast the new year, as well as their future together. Kelly looks on though from the stairs.

Phyllis arrived in Neil's apartment and met Hilary, his wife who she admit she liked. Phyllis wanted Neil to make her look good at work. While leaving an appointment at the hospital, Phyllis sees her friend Michael Baldwin coming out of an oncology door and questions him. Michael admits to her, he has stage 3 prostate cancer and she promised not to tell. Phyllis texted Kelly from Jack's phone and got her to come to Jabot. The two woman argued, and Jack walked in to find Kelly holding her cheek. Kelly claimed that Phyllis had slapped her, but Kelly denied it.

Kelly overheard Phyllis and Jack planning a romantic rendezvous, and later got a text. Kelly sneaked into the room while Jack was blindfolded. Phyllis burst in and Kelly claimed that Jack has texted her. Phyllis accused Kelly of setting Jack up. Jack found out a woman with blonde hair ordered the roses and believed Kelly had set him up. Jack told Kelly that he was marrying Phyllis, and to leave him alone. Phyllis confronted Kelly and accused her of planting a blonde wig in her purse. Kelly tried to make peace with Phyllis by sitting down and having tea. Phyllis left and Ben sat down to talk with Kelly. While they were talking, Kelly started to feel faint and Ben took her to the hospital. The doctor said that Kelly had been poisoned. Kelly admit to Ben that she had just drank tea with Phyllis and got up for a second and Phyllis poisoned her tea!

Stitch considered calling the police but Kelly denied that she had enough evidence and told the doctor's not to report anything. Kelly stopped by Jack and Phyllis's and accused Phyllis of poisoning her tea which Phyllis denied. Jack was confused and Kelly explained the story. Jack seemed to be more on Phyllis's side since Kelly barged into their house and made accusations. Kelly asked Phyllis to try some of the rest of her tea in a thermos then, and Jack said no! Kelly stated that he believes her. Jack asked Kelly to leave. Phyllis then broke a vase out of anger.

Jack went to Victor to ask whether Phyllis's treatment could have affected her psychological process. Victor claimed she got her back, that's all he wanted. Jack asked a doctor to come over, which angered Phyllis because he thinks she's crazy! The next day, Jack told Red he wants them both to go to a therapist. Phyllis admits that she doesn't know if she poisoned Kelly. Atlanta Braves. Baltimore Orioles. Boston Red Sox. Chicago Cubs. Chicago White Sox. Cincinnati Reds. Cleveland Indians. Colorado Rockies. Detroit Tigers. Houston Astros. Kansas City Royals. Los Angeles Angels. Los Angeles Dodgers. Miami Marlins.

Milwaukee Brewers. Minnesota Twins. I hear the train a-comin. Who: Johnny Cash , American country music singer. So much wasted time. We got a bad fire! Let's get out - we're burning up Who: An Apollo 1 astronaut, probably Roger Chaffee. All three crew members perished in a launchpad fire, Translation: You see, this is how you die. Who: Coco Chanel , French fashion designer of women's clothes and founder of the Chanel brand. Approaching dissolution brings relief. Who: Neville Chamberlain , British prime minister. Who: Graham Chapman , comedian of Monty Python fame.

Note: Spoken to his adopted son who had just arrived at the hospital. Tell [Carl] Mays I'm okay. Who: Cleveland Indians' baseball player Ray Chapman. Note: Chapman had been accidentally hit in the head by a pitch from Carl Mays, and died from complications of a skull fracture This was thirty-two years before batting helmets were first worn Pittsburgh Pirates, , and fifty years before Major League Baseball had made them mandatory To this day, Chapman is the only Major League Baseball player ever to die as a direct result of injuries sustained during a game. I go from a corruptible to an incorruptible Crown, where no disturbance can be, no disturbance in the world. You must pardon me, gentlemen, for being a most unconscionable time a-dying. Who: Charles II , son of the above, Ay Jesus.

Why not? After all, it belongs to him. Who: Comedian Charlie Chaplin , d. Yo no quiero morir, por favor no me dejen morir. Translation: I don't want to die. Please don't let me die. Note: Due to a severe respiratory infection, he was unable to speak for several days before his death. According to Venezuelan general Jose Ornella, he mouthed these words before suffering a massive heart attack and dying. Who: Chrysippus , Stoic philosopher Note: Chrysippus was drunk off undiluted wine when he spied a donkey eating wild figs. He then shouted this humorous command at an old woman, laughed heartily, and died. Other sources simply claim he drank the undiluted wine and died because of it. U menya ne bylo shampanskogo v techeniye dolgogo vremeni.

Translation: I haven't had champagne for a long time. Who: Anton Chekhov , playwright, Note: His doctor had given him champagne after all other attempts to ease the symptoms of death from tuberculosis failed. Take a step forward lads - it'll be easier that way. Translation: As this earth will suffocate me, I implore you to have my body opened so that I will not be buried alive. Translation: Not any more. Translation: Play Mozart in memory of me—and I will hear you. Who: Frederic Chopin , Polish composer and pianist. Note: He had a neurotic fear of being buried alive. The first quote was written on a note some hours before his death. The second quote was spoken to his physician when asked if he was suffering greatly; he died about two hours later.

The third quote is what Chopin reportedly murmured on his death-bed The opera reader , Biancolli, , p. In keeping with the WXLT practice of presenting the most immediate and complete reports of local blood and guts news, TV presents what is believed to be a television first: in living color, exclusive coverage of an attempted suicide. Who: Christine Chubbuck , year-old anchorwoman who, on July 15, , during technical difficulties during a broadcast on WXLT-TV in Sarasota, Florida , said these words on-air before producing a revolver and shooting herself in the head While she drew the gun on camera, the technicians quickly cut the video feed, but the gunshot could be clearly heard.

She was pronounced dead in hospital fourteen hours later. Note: This quote is taken from the transcript of the tape obtained by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Department. Though its legitimacy is unconfirmed, audio featuring an uncanny resemblance of Chubbuck's voice reading the transcript was leaked online in April of I'm so bored with it all. Who: Winston Churchill , a British statesman who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Note: This was spoken before slipping into a coma and dying nine days later. Nihil propriis quid facis, latro, autem non tentant recte ut interficias me.

Translation: There is nothing proper about what you are doing, soldier, but do try to kill me properly. Who: Cicero , Roman statesman and orator. Note: These words are directed at Herennius, his assassin by order of Marc Antony, triumvir and co-ruler of Rome. Herennius was a centurion. So remember, just when you think all the sounds of dogs barking, people mowing their lawns and children screaming are driving you mad, they may just be keeping you sane! Who: Dick Clark , American radio and television personality. Note: From a blog post nine days before his death. While not his last spoken words Clark had difficulty speaking due to a stroke he experienced seven years prior , they were the last words he made to the public.

Telegraph Mr. Who: Henry Clay , an American lawyer and planter, politician, and skilled orator. Note: Spoken to his son. Harrison appears to be J. Harrison, Clay's executor. Source: "The Century Magazine", vol. Translation: So here it is! Note: "It" was the small asp which she allowed to bite her. Historians dispute the cause of her death. Many believe it was not an asp that she used to commit suicide, but rather some makeshift poison. Absolutely not! Who: Montgomery Clift , actor. Thank God. I'm tired of being the funniest person in the room. Who: Del Close , improviser, teacher and comedian, d. There's a video on my phone I want you to watch and show everyone. I love you and everyone else. My password is God bless momma Who: Blake Coatney Note: Coatney recorded an eight and a half minute suicide note in his car, parked at a cemetery where his recently-deceased friend had been buried.

After speaking of the loss of his best friend and other factors that caused his suffering including a recent break-up , he texted the above message to his mother. Who: Kurt Cobain , an American musician who was best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for Nirvana Note: Cobain was quoting Neil Young lyrics when he wrote this line in his suicide note. The full context of the note is available online. Il marche vers moi, sans se presser.

Translation: Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking towards me, without hurrying. Who: Jean Cocteau , French writer, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker. I love you all. Who: Natalie Cole , an American singer-songwriter, and actress. Note: Spoken to her younger twin sisters. I love you and my head hurts. Who: Gary Coleman , an American actor, voice artist, and comedian. Five Zulu Alpha just had a midair. Both planes are going down in the, ah, one mile to the, ah, two miles to the west of the power plant Who: Bob Collins , Chicago Morning DJ. Note: On 8 February , Collins was piloting a light aircraft into Waukegan, Illinois when his aircraft suffered a mid-air collision with another aircraft due to pilot error by Collins.

Collins reported the mid-air collision before the aircraft crashed, killing both him and his passenger. The other aircraft also crashed, killing the pilot aboard. Can you get a shot of this gun? Note: On 20 June , Collinson was supervising the demolition of a bungalow that had been built by Albert Dryden without planning permission. After a BBC camera crew arrived, Dryden produced an unlicensed pistol, and Collinson invited the crew to focus on it. Dryden was subsequently arrested after a stand-off and was found guilty by a jury of murder and three counts of attempted murder, being sentenced to life imprisonment with a tariff of 13 years.

Heaven has turned against me. No wise ruler arises, and no one in the Empire wishes to make me his teacher. The hour of my death has come. Who: Confucius , Chinese philosopher and politician More weight. I curse you Corwin and all of Salem! Who: Giles Corey , while being crushed during the Salem witch trials because he would not answer the court. Note: The first line was said while being crushed during the Salem Witch Trials for refusing to answer the court. After long hours of pain, Corey then uttered the second quote and died. Lady, you shot me! Good morning, Robert. Coolidge is also said to have been quoted near his death: "I feel I no longer fit in with these times.

I am guilty. My sentence is just: I deserve my fate. And may God have mercy on my soul. I'm just tired. Note: The first line was the last thing Cornell said to his fans after performing his last song with Soundgarden at a concert. Within 60 minutes later, he was on the phone with his wife, slurring his words and repeatedly saying the second line before hanging up. Wie bent u? Translation: Who are you? Who: Count of Nychlenborch , Frisian freedom fighter. Note: After being stabbed in the chest near the heart-area by unknown assassins, the old count asked who did it; on which the assassin replied: "Death.

We're looking in Three of us. Two broken windows. OH, GOD! He was connected to a dispatcher, and he said the above phrase when the South Tower collapsed after it'd been hit by one of the airplanes used in the attacks. That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted. I think I'll be more comfortable. Who: Lou Costello , American actor and comedian. Note: Reports vary as to whether his last words were the former to visitors upon finishing an ice-cream soda, or the latter to his nurse after asking to be moved onto his side. Goodnight, my darlings, I'll see you tomorrow.

Who: Noel Coward , playwright. Died of natural causes. No, my pain is too much, Fazila. I can't make it, I'm in too much pain. She later died of her injuries. It don't matter; I figure I licked the Rock anyway. Who: Bernard Coy , convicted criminal, shot while trying to escape Alcatraz prison known as "The Rock" Goodbye, everybody. Hart Crane , spoken as he committed suicide by jumping from a cruise ship. Dammit, don't you dare ask God to help me! Who: Joan Crawford. Note: This comment was directed towards her housekeeper who began to pray aloud. That was a great game of golf, fellas. Let's get a Coke. Who: Bing Crosby , American singer and actor.

Note: He was playing the whole 18 holes of golf, even when his doctor said to only do nine. What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. Who: Crowfoot , chief of the Siksika First Nation. I am confound. Who: Aleister Crowley. British occultist, mystic, poet, mountain climber. This is open to debate, because some sources report Crowley dying alone, and others claim that he said Sometimes I hate myself. It's not real. Je ne le veux pas. Translation: I don't want it. Who: Marie Curie , Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist.

Note: She had been offered an injection to ease her pain. Hurrah Boys! Let's get these last few reds then head on back to camp. I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people, the good working people. I am not sorry for my crime. Note: He said the second line as he was being strapped on the electric chair. D [ edit ] Remember, my brain goes to Boston. Straight to Boston. Who: Daffney , professional wrestler and actress. Note: Said in a live video on Instagram, reading a suicide note while holding what appeared to be a pistol, referring to the chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE testing center on the campus of Boston University.

The following day, Daffney's death was announced; an investigation determined she had shot herself in the chest. You know, I'm not frightened. It's just that I'll miss you all so much Ow, fuck! Who: Roald Dahl , Welsh novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and fighter pilot. Note: First line said to his family. He then appeared to have lost consciousness, and the nurse decided to inject him with a lethal dose of morphine to ease his passing. After she did, Dahl said the second line right before dying. I don't care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me. Who: Jeffrey Dahmer , serial killer. Note: According to fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver , who admitted to beating Dahmer to death with a "preacher bar" part of a weight machine , these were his last words.

Translation Catalan language : Where is my clock? If not, about an hour and a half. Who: Rodney Dangerfield , American comedian. In response to how long he would be hospitalized. One last drink, please. Who: Jack Daniel , an American distiller and businessman, the founder of the Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey distillery. Mon seul regret est que je parte devant ce rat, Robespierre! Translation: My only regret is that I'm going before that rat, Robespierre! The last line is a humorous comment on his famous ugliness. I am not the least afraid to die. Who: Charles Darwin , an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory.

I'd like to let you all know, despite the situation -- I know all of you are still convinced that I'm the person that killed your father, your son and your brother, but I am innocent. The incident that happened that night was not my fault. I did not have a gun that night. I did not shoot your family member. But I am so sorry for your loss. I really am -- sincerely. All I can ask is that each of you look deeper into this case, so that you really will finally see the truth.

I ask my family and friends that you all continue to pray, that you all continue to forgive. Continue to fight this fight. For those about to take my life, may God have mercy on all of your souls. Who: Troy Anthony Davis , high-profile death row inmate. Notes: Davis was executed by lethal injection in Georgia on September 21, for the murder of Officer Mark Allen MacPhail, despite serious doubts about his guilt that lingered on prior to his death. Wait, maybe. I think maybe I'm just like a little bizarre little person who walks back and forth. Whatever, you know. Who: Terry A. Davis , programmer, creator of TempleOS.

Note: Words were spoken on his last video before being struck and killed by a Union Pacific train. That guy's got to stop He'll see us. Who: James Dean , American actor. Note: Words said before dying in a car accident. Miss, I got what I really went for. Who: Jeremy Wade Delle Note: After this troubled teenager left his Texas classroom under the pretenses of obtaining a late pass, he returned with a gun, uttered these words, and committed suicide in front of his classmates. The incident was later immortalized in the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy. Translation: Christofiaaass!!

Here is an independent republic!!! Who: John Denver Note: Spoken via cockpit radio after transmitting a four digit code. On the ground! Who: Charles Dickens Note: He suffered a stroke on a walk near his home, and asked to be laid down on the ground. Mais comment le diable pensez-vous que cela pourrait me faire du mal? Translation: But how the devil do you think this could harm me? Who: Denis Diderot , French encyclopedist, upon being warned by his wife not to eat too much. Little Cousins, Called back. Who: Emily Dickinson.

Letter to Louise and Frances Norcross, May Source: Johnson, Thomas H. Emily Dickinson Selected Letters. Cambridge: Belknap, I'm going to heaven. Who: Bo Diddley as he lay dying on his deathbed with his family surrounding him. Prior to the black box failing, Dillard was heard saying these words. Shortly afterward, the plane crashed into the ground, killing all onboard including Dillard. You got me. Who: John Dillinger , infamous American bank robber. This may be an apocryphal quote. Dillinger died when a bullet passed through his brain, leaving him little opportunity for final speeches. I'll finally get to see Marilyn. Brannan fatally shot Dinkheller in the eye shortly after.

The incident was caught on Dinkheller's dashcam and continues to be used to train law enforcement officers when confrontations become dangerous. Go, go. I'll be fine. Who: Ronnie James Dio , heavy metal singer. Note: Spoken to his wife while he was in the hospital with stomach cancer, but she stayed with him. A few days later he went into a coma and he was dead by the end of the week. Kurt Russell. Who: Walt Disney Note: Scrawled on a piece of paper. To this day, nobody knows what he meant by it, not even Kurt Russell, who was 15 at the time. Ioann zhe uderzhival Yego i govoril: mne nadobno krestit'sya pour Tebya, i Ty li prikhodish' ko mne? No Iisus skazal yemu v otvet: ostav' teper', ibo tak nadlezhit nam ispolnit' vsyakuyu pravdu.

Uslysh'te eto seychas, pozvol'te! Ne sderzhivay menya! Translation: But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptised of thee, and comest thou to me? And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Hear now—permit it. Do not restrain me! Who: Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The majority of the quote is the verses Matthew Mike Bloomberg can get it done. Who: Kirk Douglas. Don't let them put me in one of those bags, I might suffocate.

Who: Darragh Doyle spoken before dropping a live grenade at Omaha Beach. Hit the water, hit the water, hit the water! The helicopter stalled and plummeted into the Hudson River while Jane was still on the air, unintentionally broadcasting her final moments all across the metropolitan New York City area. The helicopter's other occupant was seriously injured, but survived. Shakespeare, I come! Who: Theodore Dreiser. I don't know why Marta Glass wasn't allowed in here. Keep the faith. Remember the death penalty is murder.

They are taking the life of an innocent man. My attorney, Ron Kuley, will read my letter at a press conference after this is over. That is all I have to say. Who: Robert Drew, d. August 2, Note: Executed by injection, Texas. Translation: You are going to hurt me, please don't hurt me, just one more moment, I beg you! Who: Madame du Barry Do you hear the rain? Do you hear the rain? Who: Jessica Dubroff , seven-year-old pilot speaking to her mother by telephone as the engines revved for takeoff, she and her flight instructor crashed minutes later in rough weather, April 11, Translation: Farewell my friends, I go to glory!

Who: Isadora Duncan Note: Said before she got in her car to go home. Her scarf got caught around the wheel and strangled her instantly as the driver took off. Stopping for a beer, be there when I can. Who: Ryan Dunn Note: Final text sent to Jackass co-worker Bam Margera, before getting involved in a car crash that would claim his life. Don't, don't, don't! Do not Who: R. Budd Dwyer , Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, before he placed the barrel of a. The press conference was held on what was to be the day before his sentencing.

William Smith the witness whose testimony was critical to Dwyer's conviction said he lied under oath to get a lighter sentence. E [ edit ] We are running on line north and south. The above is the last confirmed radio transmission to her headquarters before vanishing. Okay, just wondering. The rest of the conversation was as follows: Earnhardt- "So, you got any advice for me here coming up? Corral My work is done. Why wait? Who: George Eastman Note: Written in his suicide letter.

So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies. Who: Roger Ebert Note: Final paragraph of his last public blog post, written two days before his passing. It's very beautiful over there. Who: Thomas Edison Note: Spoken to his wife as he lapsed in and out of consciousness. There is debate over if he meant the afterlife, or the view from his window. In einem kurzen Weilchen, meine Herren, sehen wir uns ohnehin alle wieder. Das ist das Los aller Menschen.

Es lebe Deutschland. Es lebe Argentinien. Translation: In a short while, gentlemen, we'll meet each other, anyway. That's every human's fortune. Long live Germany! Long live Argentina! Long live Austria! Citater fra Who: Albert Einstein Note: When Einstein died on April 18, he left a piece of writing ending in an unfinished sentence. Yeah, how come?

Who: Harry "Parkyakarkus" Einstein , dialect comic and character actor In response to a quip, made by Milton Berle during a Friars Club roast,asking why he did not have a regular television gig at the time. Einstein slumped over into his chair and died immediately after his response. I want to go. God, take me. Who: Dwight D. Eisenhower , 34th President of the United States. Who: T. Eliot Note: Valerie was the name of his wife at the time of his death. Papa, I hate you. Who: Carmen Ellis, a three-year-old girl, beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend. Translation: What happened there, my son? Who: Eli Note: A soldier fleeing from a battle found his way to Eli, who then asked what had happened.

When the soldier told Eli the Ark of the Covenant had been captured by the Philistines, Eli fell backwards out of his chair and broke his neck.

George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother says that George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother Jack isn't drinking or taking George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother again, the family is in dire straits and that George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother is the time the Abbotts need to stick together. Baz Lurhmanns Romeo And Juliet some failed jobs and schemes, Phyllis went back to New York. George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother miss you, Caroll". Sharon said Phyllis The Importance Of Gender Identity herself - vindictive and vicious and it suited her.

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